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Blendtec Blenders

Entry level blenders at Blendtec have a baseline performance that is unprecedented in the blending world. In fact, many of the blending tasks that Blendtec considers to be routine would be classified as extreme blending for other brands. Effectively blending products like frozen fruit, frozen yogurt, ice, vegetable greens, ice cream, grains etc. are fundamental expectations for the entire range of Blendtec blender models.

The reason why Blendtec blenders will blend with ease the same products that other brands consider to be difficult is really quite simple. Every Blendtec blender comes with the technologies that are proven to be the best available. These technologies were pioneered by Blendtec and are easy to identify.

  • Standard Blendtec technologies include:
  • Aggressive two sided blade
  • Massive Motor (measured in amps)
  • Blend Cycles
  • Square Jar design
  • Electronic controls

Other blender manufacturers recognize the superior performance that these technologies provide. You will even see some of these Blendtec features duplicated by other manufacturers and offered on their high-end commercial blenders. What other manufacturers consider to be advanced blending, extreme blending or maximum performance for their high-end blenders is simply a baseline standard for any blender at Blendtec.